Republic of Mattola
Flag of Petoria


Coat of Arms of Neutralia

Coat of Arms

Motto: The Bedroom Nation

Anthem: ""Mattola, Nation in a Bedroom"" by Alan Villarruel

Area claimed 1.2 acres (0.48 ha)
Membership 23
Date of foundation May 10, 2013
Leadership President Alan Villarruel
Organisational structure Democratic Bedroom Presidental Republic
Language Spanish, English
Purported currency Mattolan Dollar
Capital Sallen
Time zone Pacific Standard Time (PST-8)

The Republic of Mattola is a micronation located in Eureka, California. It was founded in 2013 by Alan J. Villarruel (who refers to himself as President Alan Villarruel), a middle school student.

Mattola claims to be a federation of 5 provinces and 1 federal district, Mattola claims Villarruel's bedroom, Villarruel has stated that he will include his bedroom only instead of his whole entire house.

Mattola was named after the Native American tribe of Mattole, who lived 40 minutes southwest of Mattola, Villarruel has stated that he chose Mattole, Wiyot, and Yurok, but he stated that Mattole fitted it for a micronation.

Mattola is known for its resources, such as paper, and other resources.

Villarruel stated that Mattola is a safe prosperous country, and that its one of the countries without crime or violence, and he also stated that Mattola should be a nation of peace and quiet.

Villarruel also stated the Mattola has a population limit of 30, which he has also stated that the reason why there is a population limit, is because to prevent crime, immigration, violence, and other reasons.


On May 10, 2013, Villarruel creted the Republic of Mattola, before Mattola's creation, Villarruel had many made-up childhood micronations, which all of them were dissloved when Mattola was created.

On May 10, 2013, Villarruel announced on MTC, that the Community of Mattola became a independent country, and that they were no longer part of the United States, he said that Mattola should rise up, and stop wasting time as part of the United States.


Mattola consists of Villarruel's 1.2 acre bedroom, which is divided into 5 provinces and 1 federal district, Mattola is completely surrounded by it's only neighbor, the United States.